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Initial raw material is transported to the production area by vehicles. Adhesive film is supplied in rolls, other material is supplied in bags.  Three reservoirs are used for 50 m3 polypropylene, wood flour and wastes. The components enter the hoppers above extruder by means of rotary steel coil in polymer pipe. Two hoppers for other fillers and addition agents are loaded manually. Up to 8 ingredients can be integrated in composition structure through 5 technological hoppers. Each technological hopper has a gravimetric doser. 
Continuous belt gravimetric dosing is used for polypropylene and waste feeding, differential gravimetric doser is used for other material.
After dosing out of four technological hoppers the ingredients are collected by feed screw of extruder and are forwarded to the first zone. Air surplus is to be cleaned in a bag filter above charging area. While advancing the material is heated from barrel cylinder and is melted. 
Temperature for extruder zones is to be programmed. Having passed to the fourth zone of barrel cylinder the mixture becomes viscous and fluid. Fresh wood flour is supplied by 2-feed screw.  Excessive moisture together with air and dust is removed through opening in extruder and through the hood – in atmosphere.
The flour is supplied on-the-miter 90° to viscous-fluid flood of extruder which is the initial condition of high quality mixing.
Two screws turning in one side make the mixture homogeneous. After having passed degassing zone, viscous fluid mixture passes the 8th zone of extruder, where excess pressure is generated. 
In the extruder head the material is distributed over the surface and is pressed out through the slot die. Then shaped plate is to be calendered.  Hardening plate can be covered by adhesive and ornamental film or other woven or nonwoven fibrous material. Hardening plate passes from calender rollers to gravity roll carrier and then through fluid device it comes to guillotine shears which cut the plates crosswise. Lateral clipping is chopped by chippers and is collected in the bin. Clipping is used as recycle.
Cut plates are collected on pallet which is weighted, marked, wrapped with film and sent to the customer.

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