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In 2008 CJSC “Techno-Polymer” established JSC “Saturno-TP”.
JSC “Saturno-TP” was founded by Techno-Polymer in cooperation with Saturno S.p.a. Turin, Italy, with the objective of adoption of technologies and know-how of development and production of exterior and interior parts accumulated by Saturno S.p.a. during their 50 years experience in the automotive industry.
Today CJSC “Techno-Polymer” and JSC “Saturno-TP” constitute a group of companies, where CJSC “Techno-Polymer” is a manufacturer of wood–filled polypropylene sheets Kodrenalen® and JSC “Saturno-TP” is a manufacturer of the exterior and interior parts for the vehicles of different ranges including sunvisors, door trims, parcel shelves, side trims, pillar trims, covers and other parts produced by injection moulding and by thermoforming of Kodrenalen® sheets. 


Our Advantages

Confidence in certified quality performance



Engineering of new parts is implemented in cooperation with the Italian design company OXI S.r.l. (Turin, Italy) - www.oxisrl.it


Our principal customers: Renault-Nissan-AVTOVAZ, GM-AVTOVAZ, Avtoframos, GAZ, MAZ, SOLERS, Faurecia and others.

Our clients